Company Profile

GreenPine (Tianjin GreenPine Pharma Co., Ltd.) is R& D and technology company which extensively involves into healthy products and commits to provide safe and effective healthy products for people.

GreenPine focus on R& D, production and sales field of medicine, medical equipment, health products and food. Since the establishment of the company, with its own market positioning and unique advantages, GreenPine has achieved strategic cooperation with excellent pharmaceutical companies in the world. After several years’development and exploration, GreenPine has formed an innovative management model that R & D and sales in China and manufacturing overseas.

GreenPine has always insisted on high-quality strategy. Currently GreenPine has established a stable cooperation with C-GMP manufacturers from Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Korea, India, Taiwan (China) .etc.  These partners provide drugs for GreenPine’ s orders. Strict manufacturing standards ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs. As people pay more and more attention on drug safety, the advantages of GreenPine’ s strategies will become more prominent.



Greenpine has adhered to the market demand and taken the introduction, R& D of new products as the core driving force of enterprise development, to achieve long-term sustainable development of enterprise since establishment. The company has formed R & D system with scientific management and organizational structure for introduction of products and technology, quality research and registration.  Greenpine has set up own laboratory and cooperated with universities or research institutes.

Greenpin has introduced a number of categories of medical products around the field of endoscopic surgery in Medical Device. Through the combination of imported products and domestic production, the introduction of foreign advanced medical device design concepts, production technology and management experience, Greenpin will become a famous provider of laparoscopic surgical instruments in the future.



In 2016, Marketing Authorization Holder System (MAH) was issued by China Food and Drug Administration(CFDA ) to lay the foundation for the follow-up development of enterprise. We will still be seriously dedicated to our strategic direction, creating excellent team and products in the segments of the imported products in the pharmaceutical industry in the future. We will be based on these excellent talents and products, with our own accumulation and strength of combination professional ability with capital market to promote the development of the company to a higher level.

Greenpine is keen on public welfare and supports poor students 154, grants totaling nearly one million Yuan these years. We hope to pass the love through what we have done. In the face of major disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake and the Tianjin port explosion, Greenpine contribute own strength for the community by donating drugs.

After years of vicissitudes, we do not forget the beginning of the heart. Greenpine will continue to assume our social responsibility for society, government, employees and partners, do business excellence an everlasting.